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Bush & Gerts in history

Just as the core of piano lies in quality, and the core of quality lies in the factory, the excellent quality of Bush & Gerts piano is born of the Bush & Gerts piano factory which has been striving for perfection for a hundred years.

the first Bush & Gertspiano was born in 1882, and the company was formally established in Chicago in 1884.

When the Bush & Gerts piano factory was first built in Chicago, it became our belief to pursue the best quality and make the best piano.In the past hundred years, from Chicago to Texas, from America in 1884 to China today, our pursuit of piano quality has not changed. To make a more perfect piano for the public is our consistent pursuit.


History and founders

Bush & Gerts piano & Bush temple conservatory of music

"Every Bush & Gerts piano sold is not only to make people learn music, but also to let people enjoy the beauty of music," said by a Bush & Gerts piano

William Lincoln Bush and his father W. H. Bush cooperated with the German-born piano-maker, John Gerts to manufacture the first BUSH&GERTS piano. And two years later they found the Bush & Gerts Piano Co. together.

Owing to the exquisite professional craftsmanship and Integrity management, the company established several branches in Boston, Memphis ,Dallas, Austin and so on. Before long It became one of the largest and best known piano manufacturing concerns in the United States, later it developed into the great industry now.

The founders of the company are William ·H·Bush and his son, who are great piano manufacturers in Chicago and Mr. Gerts, who is a great piano maker in Germany.

The Bush Temple Conservatory of Music was founded in 1901 by William Lincoln Bush and his father as the headquarters and showroom of the Bush & Gerts Piano Company at 100 West Chicago Avenue. The Bush Conservatory was one of six institutions that founded the National Association of Schools of Music.It is an example of the importance of piano manufacturing and sales during the late 19th and early 20th centuries when Chicago was the leading piano manufacturing center in the world. The building was designated a Chicago Landmark on June 27, 2001. It has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Introduction of American factory

Piano manufacturing experience over 130 years

Bush & Gerts piano company has resumed its mass production and global sales, prior to that, we accepted orders of high-end private hand-built pianos only .Renowned as the one of eight world-class piano brands at the top-ranking concert,Bush & Gerts piano stand at par with those of top tier musical instruments in the world today.At present, the Bush & Gerts Co.,piano produced in the United States are all made of "carbon fiber new composite material action", which combines technology with life closely.

A piano is made up of more than 8000 parts. Almost every piano factory can assemble it. But how to make this piano owns a gold timbre is the goal of Bush and Gerts piano factory.


The Environment Of China Factory

Bush & Gerts China

A piano is made up of nearly 10’000 parts. Almost every piano factory can assemble it. But how to make this piano owns a gold timbre is the goal of Bush and Gerts piano factory.

At present, as the largest piano production and marketing market in the world, China also has the largest number of piano learners, and the number of piano holders is growing every year. In order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the level of local piano production is also rising, and Bush & Gerts piano China factory is one of the leaders

After entering the Chinese market,we have been focusing on the construction of local piano factories. In order to ensure the quality of piano, Bush & Gerts piano factory in China is fully in accordance with the standards of American factory production. Bush & Gerts used and equipped with preferred accessories, tended to perfect the production line, as well as careful piano finishing and regulation, coupled withdelicate inspection, to strive for perfection in every link

Due to strict quality control, Bush & Gerts piano has occupied a place in the Chinese market. At present, some models of piano in the factory have been sold back to the United States, and the high-end models have reached the standard of America making piano.