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Originating from Windy City, it has spanned a hundred years and its' brilliance remains the same in the river of time

The Birth of a Bush & Gerts Piano



Carbon Fiber New Composite Material Action

With the use of carbon fiber new composite material action, the Bush & Gerts keyboard rebound speed is increased by 25%,and the stability is greatly improved, which is not easy to deform, thus making the piano performance better and a long service life


ABEL - "Top-Tier" HAMMER

Our long term partner company-German Helmut Abel Gmbh


Strunz - Soundboard

We give the core of our piano to German Holzwerke Strunz GmbH & Co. KG, which is also the best choice for Bush & Gerts!


Modern Technics Mute Piano - CH-3G

We choose Genio mute system from South Korea to adapt to Bush & Gerts piano stably.



Bush & Gerts piano is a precision mechanical product assembled by nearly ten thousand parts.

Know about your Bush & Gerts Piano

Bush & Gerts takes long - term cooperation with the world's top piano accessory suppliers.

Together with they, Bush & Gerts provide you with perfect pianos made in U.S and China that stands at par with those of top-tier musical instruments in the world.

America national treasure

White House collection

One of eight world-class piano brands at the top-ranking concerts

The designated piano for the "Piano emperor" Vladimir Horowitz in Carnegie Hall

Over century classic inheritance of piano

Combination of modern technique and design drawings over the hundred years

Made by hand and Professional luxury

Crafted work Made by Piano Master

The Bush & Gerts Piano Co., as the well-known piano company in America, established in 1884 by Wm. H. Bush, John Gerts and Wm. L. Bush at Chicago. The extraordinary skill manufacturer and originated distinctive soundboard made it a hit that adored by pianists and philharmonic all over the world from then to now. BUSH&GERTS has been known as One of eight world-class piano brands at the top-ranking concerts since the early 1930s. The White House collected BUSH&GERTS as the national treasure piano permanently.

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Over nine feet · flagship great grand piano