2015 / 09 / 17

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BUSH & GERTS Piano Co., Ltd recently announced in New York that, BUSH & GERTS Piano Co., Ltd started to make the mass production of piano in factory of Shanghai, China, except for the conventional Chicago series, it especially offered White House Collection Series Product, so as to provide more perfect, more comfortable and more abundant piano playing experience. It is reported that this is part of BUSH & GERTS’s global strategy. 


This time, BUSH & GERTS Piano Co., Ltd achieves the strategic cooperation with China Xingyue Instrument Company, the factory’s address is selected in Chinese economic center – Shanghai, and the piano’s configuration is purchased from world’s top suppliers, which is also equipped with the unique patent piano action technology of BUSH & GERTS. BUSH & GERTS achieves the united cooperation with Germany ABEL, FFW (Hammer), ROSLAU (Strings), STRUNZ (Soundboard) and other suppliers, which jointly provides technical support for the perfect sound quality, rich expressiveness, etc. of BUSH & GERTS Piano, and then continues more than one hundred years of hand-made tradition; the long-term accumulation and cultivation of production process make BUSH & GERTS Piano more perfect. 

CLIVE, Chinese President of BUSH & GERTS Piano says that, the global rich supplier resources and advanced piano production technology of BUSH & GERTS are the best weapon for BUSH & GERTS to stand in an invincible position in the field of musical instrument with such a fierce competition. In the future, BUSH & GERTS Piano will become the first selection of superior quality piano that is trusted by Chinese consumers. This time, BUSH & GERTS Piano establishes the Import and Export Center and Marketing Office in Shanghai and Chongqing of China together with Xingrui Instrument Company. 

It is reported that, relying on the world’s advanced marketing operations center and network, comprehensive upgraded BUSH & GERTS Piano will provide excellent performance hand-feel and the magic audio-visual enjoyment for the consumers. At the same time, BUSH & GERTS’s American Headquarters will also provide high-end customized vertical and grand piano for consumers, which includes unique appearance, precious timber, diamond inlaying and other customization services.