A Historic Encounter With The ‘Piano Emperor' Solidified The Bush & Gerts Piano Co.’s Position In the Industry.

2016 / 08 / 08

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Chicago, IL -- Established in 1884 by Wm.H.Bush, John Gerts and Wm.L.Bush in Chicago, The Bush & Gerts Piano Co. is a distinguished piano manufacturer in America. With a rich legacy spanning over a hundred and thirty years the company has made its mark on the international world of music by earning adoration of pianists and philharmonic. One of the musical industries' greats and the leader of piano masters, Vladimir Horowitz, who is also known as the 'piano emperor's further solidified the extraordinary status of The Bush & Gerts Piano Co. on his first encounter with the company's piano.

In the sight of many pianists, Vladimir Horowitz, who's called 'piano emperor', is the leader of piano masters. BUSH&GERTS assisted the piano genius in being of world renown. Horowitz was born in 1903, after finished the Europe road show and gained great welcome, he reached America in 1928. Cooperating with New York Philharmonic conducted by sir Thomas Beecham, Horowitz played the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto at BUSH&GERTS, which made a splash to the world .It's reported,the master really appreciated the improved BUSH&GERTS since then BUSH&GERTS has been known as one of eight exclusive pianos at the world-class concert."

The founders of The Bush & Gerts Piano Co. Wm.H.Bush, John Gerts and Wm.L.Bush were great lovers of music and wanted to craft consistently well-made and excellent pianos that were comparable or more superior to the European makers. The founders set up their own team of craftsmen and developed superior quality pianos that were created through pure talent and skills which have been mastered over the course of many years. Owing to the exquisite professional craftsmanship and Integrity management, the company established several branches in Boston, Memphis, Dallas, Austin and so on. The White House has collected BUSH&GERTS as the national treasure piano permanently.

After receiving praise from the 'piano emperor' and the hard work and determination of The Bush & Gerts Piano Co. quickly rose to became one of the largest and best known piano manufacturing concerns in the United States. Even today antique The Bush & Gerts Pianos are sought after items due to their rich heritage and excellent quality. 

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About The Bush & Gerts Piano Co.
The Bush & Gerts Piano Co., as the well-known piano company in America, established in 1884 by Wm.H.Bush, John Gerts and Wm.L.Bush at Chicago. The extraordinary skill manufacturer and originated distinctive soundboard made it a hit that adored by pianists and philharmonic all over the world from then to now.